Sonic Platinum is a Sonic Adventure DX mod created by, leader of the SA2DX project, Fiamonder10. He works on this project when he has nothing else to do. He's been wanting to make it a big project like Sonic RDX, but due to alot of situations and crap in his life, he would probably keep it a short one.

How it started, and how it endedEdit

Fiamonder10 originally started the project in December 2009, when he began with working on his object edit on Emerald Coast called South Island. He was one of the thousand other newbies of hacking SADX. The only thing he did was object editing and texture editing.

In the beginning of February 2010, he acquired the knowledge of sphere mapping models, and how to mess with the X, Y and Z axes. He also discovered a brand new amazing level editor called SADXlvl. That inspired him to create a stage called Cyber Central. Cyber Central is a level geometry edit on Speed Highway. Some time later, he decided to also use geometry edits on South Island. But somewhere around March, when Cyber Central was almost finished, the exe got corrupted. Due to the loss of the exe file for Sonic Platinum, he decided to stop the project.

The return of the projectEdit

"Meh, why not"

Fiamonder10 decided to revive his old project. Now with Dude's exporter, a major upgraded SADXlvl and the knowledge of how the model format of SADX works, well, yeah.