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Sonic's model in SA2DX.

This article refers to Sonic's model in the game SA2DX. We've been working on the model since March 2010.

The exported models are his head, soap shoes, and Flame Ring. We will be exporting the Bounce Bracelet and his hands as soon as possible.

The models are being exported by ItsEasyActually.


Fiamonder10 started with some vertex edits and Y axis changes, but they weren't good. They had to do it with this model for now.

March model.



Picture of head and shoe models.

Dude's model tools 1.4 got released, and it contained: The SADX model exporter. Brooks downloaded it, and immediately worked on Sonic's model. He exported Sonic's soap shoes. The scaling of the models were off, the rotation was off, and his left soap shoe somehow even killed the animation of his left leg. A few days later, he fixed the bugs and the soap shoe models were officialy in the game!

At the end of the month, Fiamonder10 heard from Brooks that Dude will be exporting Sonic's head model. The project leaders were on the x-hax irc, and Dude finished it. It was there, but the model had some problems. There wasn't enough space for his poly, uv and normals data. But it's there, in the game, thanks to Dude.



Fixed head exported body.

Dude released version 1.5 of his model tools. His exporter doesn't export model data in seperate pieces, but it's already compiled in a .nj, which makes the progress alot faster. Brooks also managed to expand a DLL properly. He added 2 mb to the DLL, so that we'll have enough space to export all models we need to export. The first thing he did was fixing the bugs on Sonic's head that Dude exported. And there was also a new vertex edited body by Fiamonder10.

Later on, we recieved a modifed and upgraded model exporter script from Dude. It compiles multiple models in a single mesh, and you can tell the exporter what pointer key to use. Brooks exported his body model from SA2B.


Not that much updates this month, we took a little break from SA2DX. The only update we have is this failed export of the Flame Ring.

Flame Ring.


Absolutely nothing.