The team behind the creation of SA2DX.



Fiamonder10 is the one who revived this mod after his original liking of GohanSN's Sonic Adventure 2 DX mod. He showed it multiple times to Brooks on MSN, among other people, until one day he said he was reviving it. Brooks agreed to join and thus the new SA2DX Team was formed. His work habits stray more towards getting stuff done, but not always an efficient way. He can also get extremely lazy. His knowledge of SADX hacking is lesser than that of Brooks, but he is studying the model format of SADX and he is getting the hang out of it.



Brooks with his Fedora.

Co-Leader ItsEasyActually has been the lead in doing models up until recently. He prefers to go by Brooks, which is his real name. He has great knowledge on the model format of SADX and is able to spot code by just looking at it. His work habits usually falter from doing lots of work in a few hours to doing nothing for weeks on end. He's not exactly the greatest when it comes to hacking SADX because of these work habits.


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Yep, Dude's in this. He helps us with the stage models, and gave us a modified and upgraded exporter. He's technically the master when it comes to hacking SADX. He's the one who started everything, with his Shadow Adventure DX project. He almost knows everything about SADX. He's also the creator of Sonic Adventure RDX.


Carrierhack, also known as 11Supersonic11 does stage models for the project. Carrierhack has also a good knowledge of the model format of SADX, and is studying C++. He's well-known when it comes to BlitzSonic. He also has a great sense of humor, but you also don't want to see him when he goes in super-special -RAGE- mode.


Shadic_TH is a very advanced webmaster. He owns several websites like SNG (Sonic Next Gen). He currently hosts all our websites, and is our graphic designer.


Dark_Fusion is our model ripper for this project.